War Resisters

This theme represents resistance to two very different wars, separated by almost half a century: the First World War (1914-18) and The Vietnam War (1961-1975). "The Hound of Conscience" focuses on the work of the No-Conscription Fellowship and Bertrand Russell's brave stand for peace which resulted in his imprisonment. The second case study examines not only Russell's continuing commitment to the cause of peace, but includes anti Vietnam War materials, including film and audio, issued by groups from Hanoi to Toronto.

In addition to the two case studies of war resistance presented here, there are also two related case studies which have been placed under the theme Women for Peace: Claire Culhane: Canadian Peace Activist and Humanitarian and Working for Peace: Eva Sanderson and the Toronto Association for Peace. Culhane’s experiences as a nurse in Vietnam turned her an active campaigner against the War. Sanderson led the vocal TAP campaign against the Vietnam War.


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