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Historical Perspectives on Canadian Publishing

Page from the Small Press Fall 2000 book fair directory
Pages from the Macmillan book catalogue, Autumn & Winter 1928
Agreement between Copeland and Day & Carman and Hovey, 12 January 1894

This site features nearly 100 case studies – short essays written by Canadian scholars – on topics relating to Canadian publishing. The case studies are augmented with letters, photographs, multimedia, and other materials from publishers’ and authors’ archives at McMaster University Library, Queen’s University Archives, and The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library (University of Toronto).

Peace & War in the 20th Century

Leaflet, Why I Still Resist.

This interactive, thematic website on Peace and War in the 20th Century has been designed to be informative, educational and engaging. Its major themes have been organized into the opposing paths of Waging Peace and Waging War. Within the themes, case studies provide context and insights. International conflicts are represented by the images and official records available in McMaster University Library’s archives. We invite you to explore Peace and War in the 20th Century.

World War, 1939-1945, German Concentration Camps and Prisons Collection


World War, 1939-1945, German Concentration Camps and Prisons Collection. The collection has correspondences available from these camps: Arbeitsdorf, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Dondanen, Dora, Fallersleben, Floßenürg, Groß-Rosen, Gusen, Herzogenbusch, Janowska, Jungfernhof, Kaiserwalk, Kauen, Klooga, Kurtenhof, Lemberg, Lublin, Majdanek, Mauthausen, Mittelbau, Natzweiler, Neuengamme, Niederhagen, Plaszow, Ravenbrück, Riga, Sachsenhausen, Salapils, Sangerhausen, Struthof, Stuttof, Torgau, Vaivara, Vught, Warschau, and Wewelsberg.

Digital Russell


McMaster University is home to the scholarly study of Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), British philosopher, logician, essayist, and renowned peace advocate. The Bertrand Russell Archives came to McMaster Library in 1968, where they are in the Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections. Russell's library is part of the Russell Archives, along with his correspondence, manuscripts, tapes, films, photographs, medals and permanently displayed writing desk.