Archival Resources on Peace and War at McMaster University

Abbott, Jane (American diarist in pre-World War I Vienna)

Adams, Albert Ernest (World War I soldier)

Agnew family (World War I soldiers)

Anholt family (World War II Jewish family living in Amsterdam)

Aldwinckle, Eric (World War II soldier and artist)

Allan, James R. (World War I soldier)

Allatt, Norman (World War I soldier)

Angell, Norman (author of The Great Illusion about war in 1910)

Aronson, Alex (Holocaust survivor; executed as a spy in Baghdad in 1976)

Atkinson, Christopher Thomas (soldier and historian of Britain's Seventh Division)

Barclay, John (Peace Pledge Union member)

Benevides, Lucy (RCAF)

Berton, Pierre (author of Vimy)

Blake, Gerald (World War I soldier)

Brett, Wallace (World War I soldier)

Bridges, Charles (World War II soldier)

Brisebois, Michel, leaflets collection (World War I leaflets, postcards and bookmarks dropped by airplane and balloon)

British War Despatches and Casualty Lists (World War II)

Brittain, Vera (VAD in World War I; opposed World War II)

Brewer, Alfred Beverley (World War II soldier)

Broadbent, Ronald (World War II soldier)

Browne, John Gilbert (World War I soldier)

Caiger family (World War I & World War II soldiers)

Cameron, Douglas. (World War II air force)

Canada. Canadian 54th Battalion (World War I)

Canada. Canadian Expeditionary Force (Siberia) (World War I)

Canadian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Canadian military photograph collection (World War I)

Canadian military uniforms collection (World War II; Navy and Air Force, women)

Canadian Peace Congress

Canadian School of Musketry (pre-World War I)

Canadian Student Social and Political Organizations (Peace movements & Vietnam War protesters)

Canadian YMCA with Overseas Military Forces of Canada (World War I)

Canadian Youth Congress (Peace activists in 1930s)

Carnavon, HMS (World War I)

Carron, F. B. (World War I medical officer)

Catlin, George (World War I soldier; political economist active with various groups in the inter-war period)

Clingan family (World War I and II soldier; son-in-law also in the Canadian forces in 1950s)

Combined Universities Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Cookridge, E. H. (author; wrote an article about the women shot at Dachau)

Cooperative Committee on Japanese Canadians (involved with the evacuation of the Japanese from the West Coast of Canada in World War II)

Copeland, E.S. (World War I soldier)

Crombie Family (World War I & World War II Ontario family supporting the war effort at home)

Culhane, Claire (hospital administrator in Vietnam turned peace activist)

De Hart, Jack (World War II soldier)

Diss Urban Military Service Local Tribunal (World War I)

Doherty, Bruce (World War I air force)

Donnelly, Wallace McClung (World War II soldier)

Dove, Allan B. (World War II soldier and engineer)

Drury, Morris (World War I soldier)

Eaton, Cyrus (funded and supported the Pugwash Movement)

Fingland, William (World War I YMCA)

Frappier, Blanche and Edward (World War II Navy and Women's Army Corp)

Fraser, Daniel William (World War I soldier)

German Army (World War II photograph album)

Gould, Julian (World War I soldier and artist)

Grant Duff, Adrian (World War I soldier and planner)

Griffith, Gordon (World War II air force)

Hartmann, Otto and Ada (World War I German soldier; letters home to his wife)

Haydon, William G. (World War I)

Hass, H.C. (World War II British Commonwealth Air Training Plan)

Hays, John (World War I soldier)

Houghton, Betty M. B. (World War I nurse)

Hungarian World War II film

Hutcheson family (World War II; Canada, air force and navy)

Jackson family (World War I and II; father and son)

Janes, J. Robert (novels about Nazi-occupied France)

Kapitain, Evelyn Mae (sister of World War I soldier)

Kennedy-Reid, Nancy B. (World War II nurse)

Lisle, John (World War II air force)

Lithuanian Military (World War II photographs)

Lloyd's (Firm) (World War I War Record)

Longini, Robert J. (World War II soldier and photographer)

M-Class Destroyers (World War I)

Malleson, Constance (opposed World War I; spent World War II in Finland and then Sweden)

Mann, Stanley and Evelyn (he served in World War II air force)

Markland, Russell (editor of The Glory of Belgium 1915)

McClelland, Jack (World War II navy; publisher)

McDaniel Family (World War II soldiers)

McTavish, J.C.D. (World War II intelligence corps)

McGregor Family (Douglas McGregor served in World War I air force)

McNee, John William (World War I gas warfare)

Magee, Russell Kneale (World War II soldier and doctor)

Merrylees, John Innes (World War I soldier)

Mitchell, Charles Hamilton (World War I soldier)

Military collection (World War I and World War II)

Military Vehicles report (World War I)

Millen, J. A. (World War I soldier)

Milligan, H. (World War II soldier)

Mowat, Farley (World War II soldier; author of The Regiment and No Birds Sang)

Mulberry Harbours (World War II Normandy landings)

Nash's Magazine (World War I letters to the editor)

National Federation of Canadian University Students (many members were peace activists; opposed Vietnam War)

Nazi Newsreels (World War II)

Nazi Songs and Marches (World War II)

Niagara Region (World War II soldiers)

Nown, Herbert Lowe (World War I1 soldier)

Ogden, C. K. (polymath; editor of The Cambridge Magazine during World War I)

Pamphlets collection (World Wars I and II, Vietnam War, various peace movements)

Parr, Richard (HMS Canopus, World War I)

Peace Brigades International

Petrolia, Ontario Mayor's Office (World War I subscription list)

Phillips, Thomas Richard (World War II soldier)

Photograph album (World War I)

Pigeon Service Message (World War I)

Prendergast, D'Arcy (World War I soldier, later commanded a Balloon company)

Reid, James Henry (World War I soldier and dentist)

Robinson, Alfred Langsford (World War II)

Royal Canadian Air Force Women's Division (World War II)

Russell, Bertrand (opposed World War I, Vietnam War, nuclear weapons; supported World War II; a founder of the Pugwash Movement)

Russell, Dora (Peace activist, founder of Women's Caravan of Peace)

Saarlouis Theatrical Committee (World War I)

Sassoon, Siegfried (soldier and anti-war poet)

Shelley, John (World War I munitions factory manager)

Sheppard, Hugh Richard Lawrie (a Peace Pledge Union founder)

Shipboard engines (World War I)

Simpson, Marion S. (World War I supporter of the troops)

Sinn, Hans (Peace activist beginning in the 1960s; involved with the Grindstone Island Peace Education Centre)

Spanish Civil War

Strathy, George Henry Kirkpatrick ("Pat") (World War II navy)

Stephenson, Edward Howard (World War I, Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force)

Stephenson, Roy (World War I soldier)

Stuart, Harold Brownlee (World War I & World War II soldier and engineer)

Taylor, John E. S. (World War I soldier)

Timmons, Clifford E. (World War I air force)

Tools for Peace. National Office (Canada) (Humanitarian aid for Nicaragua mainly in the 1980s)

Tools for Peace. Branch Office (Hamilton, Ont.) (Humanitarian aid for Nicaragua mainly in the 1980s)

Toronto Association for Peace

Totton, Charles R. (World War I)

Trenton Air Station Hospital (World War II)

Trotter, Bernard Freeman (World War I)

United States Army Base Hospital No. 20 (World War I)

Vietnam War (Prisoners of War and Missing in Action)

Vimy Pilgrimage (World War I monument dedication)

War Songs from the first half of the Twentieth Century (World War I)

Ward, Harold LeRoy (World War II air force)

Warden, Iris Amy (author of a book about World War I home front Bettina Randall's Charges: A Story for Girls)

Waters, Frank and Oliver Woods (journalists: Waters kept a diary during World War II; Woods visited Dachau in 1934 and served in WWII)

Weekes, J. N. (World War I HMS Sapphire)

Westminster City Engineer's Air Raid Precautionary (ARP) (World War II)

Westhead, James F. (World War II soldier)

Whyte, Robert (World War I soldier and regimental historian)

Williams Family (World War I soldiers)

World War, 1914-1918

World War, 1914-1918, Communications

World War, 1914-1918, poster collection

World War, 1914-1918, Trench maps and aerial photographs

World War, 1939-1945

World War, 1939-1945, photograph collection

World War, 1939-1945, poster collection

Wright, Robert Percy (World War I soldier and doctor)

Zurbrigg, Franklin Charles (World War II air force)