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  • * A British Teenager Caught Up in the First World War: William O’Sullivan Molony - Sheila Turcon
  • * Adrian Grant Duff: Preparing for the First World War - Nick Continelli
  • * Alex Aronson, Volunteer Medical Worker and Humanitarian - Dr. Alan Mendelson
  • * An American in Vienna on the Outbreak of the First World War: Jane Abbott’s Diary - Dr. Carl Spadoni
  • * “Angels of Mercy”: Canada’s Nursing Sisters in World War I and II - Renu Barrett
  • * A Voice of Reason: C.K. Ogden and the Cambridge Magazine - Dr. Kathy Garay
  • * “Boys from Canada”: The Songs of the First World War - Adriana Brook
  • * British First World War Recruiting Posters - Dr. Stephen Heathorn
  • * British Forces in the Middle East - Dr. Michael Stevenson
  • * Canada’s First Black Airman: Gerry Bell - Alessandro Erasmi
  • * Charles Bertram Jones and the HMS Marlborough - Rick Stapleton
  • * Claire Culhane: Canadian Peace Activist and Humanitarian - Judy Donnelly
  • * Creative Dialogue Across the Ocean: Eric Aldwinckle’s Letters to Harry Somers - Justina Chong
  • * David Elliott: A Hamilton Casualty Near the End of the First World War - Alessandro Erasmi
  • * Everybody from Grandma to the little tot in the schoolroom ...”: The City of Hamilton during World War I - Judy Donnelly
  • * From Youth to Experience: Vera Brittain’s Work for Peace in Two World Wars - Dr. Kathy Garay
  • * “Fused, Fizzing, and Ready to Go Off”: Bertrand Russell Takes to the Streets - Sheila Turcon
  • * Gerald Blake, an English Participant in the Christmas Truce of 1914 - Justina Chong
  • * Home Away from Home: William Fingland and the YMCA in World War I - Renu Barrett
  • * “I Spy With My Glass Eye”: Aerial Photography and Innovation in World War I - Gord Beck
  • * Julian Gould: “Love, Order, Progress” - Sheila Turcon
  • * Letters of a German Soldier in the First World War: Otto Hartmann - Stuart Clarkson with Dr. Robert Gibson and Dr. Jakub Kazecki (transcriptions and translations)
  • * Life as a Prisoner of War: The John Lisle Letters - Justina Chong
  • * “Life or Death of the World”: Letters from England and Scandinavia, 1939-1945 - Sheila Turcon
  • * London Prepares for War: The City Engineer’s Office in World War II - Jim & Dr. Louise Barber
  • * Louvain Posters: German-Occupied Belgium during the First World War - Dr. Carl Spadoni
  • * McMaster University’s Own Soldier Poet: Bernard Trotter - Dr. Ken Cruikshank
  • * “Only by learning to love one another can our world be saved”: Dora Black Russell’s Work for Peace - Dr. Kathy Garay
  • * Pigeon Post to Lewis Gun; Cavalry Charge to Mark VIII Tank: Evolving Technology in World War I - Dr. Kathy Garay
  • * Prisoner of War: A Canadian Warplane Heritage Member’s Story - Erin Napier
  • * Racial Discrimination and Internment: The Cooperative Committee on Japanese Canadians - Dr. Carl Spadoni
  • * “Remember your humanity, and forget the rest”: The Russell-Einstein Manifesto and the Pugwash Movement - Dr. Andrew G. Bone
  • * Shot at Dachau: Four Young Women Who Died for Their Country - Dr. Louise Barber
  • * Sir Norman Angell, A Lifelong Proponent of Peace - Dr. Carl Spadoni
  • * Socks for the Boys: Marion Simpson and the Knitters of the First World War - Renu Barrett
  • * "Support and Substitution”: Women’s Roles during World War I - Dr. Kathy Garay
  • * “The Body Snatchers”: Trench Raid at Rolincourt - Gord Beck & Peter Organisciak (
  • * “The difficulties will argue for themselves”: Mulberry Harbours and the D-Day Landings - Judy Donnelly
  • * The Great Ones and the Great War: Siegfried Sassoon’s Bitter Poem, “Great Men” - Stuart Clarkson
  • * The Home Front in Rural Ontario: The Crombie Family Archives - Audrie Schell
  • * “The Hound of Conscience”: The No-Conscription Fellowship - Sheila Turcon
  • * The Spanish Civil War: Foreign Intervention and the American Reaction - Dr. Carl Spadoni
  • * “The Topography of Golgotha”: Mapping the Trenches of the First World War - Gord Beck
  • * The Vietnam War: Popular Protest Comes of Age - Sheila Turcon
  • * The Vimy Pilgrimage - Dr. Stephen Heathorn
  • * Time Off during War: The Saarlouis Theatrical Productions - Dr. Carl Spadoni
  • * Tools for Peace, a “Made in Canada” Peace Movement - Janice Acton
  • * “To renounce war ... and never support or sanction another”: The Peace Pledge Union, from 1934 to the 1960s
    - Dr. Andrew G. Bone
  • * William Frank Kenwood, Canadian Pilot and Prisoner of War - Alessandro Erasmi
  • * Working for Peace: Eva Sanderson and the Toronto Association for Peace, 1958-1972 - Amber Lloydlangston
  • * Young Canadian Brothers in England: “Even here it is hard to realize there is a war on” - Stuart Clarkson
  • * Your Child, Your Home, Your Loved Ones”: Hamilton during the Second World War - Judy Donnelly
  • * Youth Mobilize for Peace: The Canadian Youth Congress in the 1930s - Rick Stapleton

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