Aldwinckle, Eric, Letter, 29 March 1943

Letter, Eric Aldwinckle.
Letter to Harry and Ruth Somers


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Creative Dialogue Across the Ocean: Eric Aldwinckle’s Letters to Harry Somers
Aldwinckle, Eric
29 March 1943
Place: RCAF Headquarters, London
McMaster University Libraries
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to make finished work. It is a splendid responsibility and we see how important they consider it here. The arts have flourished during war here. Myra Hess has been playing every day at one of the Museums or public places at 1 o'clock and Mr Massey says they are crowded out every day. We went to see the British War Art Exhibit at the National Gallery which is continuous and added to and subtracted from as new ones are made. It is also free. It is stimulating and there is some fine work and lots of it done -- Our programme looks exciting and immense so I hope to have some exciting and immense work and experiences during the next year. (Better not tell Mother) (I haven't told her we are going on operations with the men yet as it would perhaps upset her.)
I pray to God I will have the power to do Justice the important task before me. I feel tremendously inspired and feel some good work coming on but as you know it will be as ever by the grace of the Great Creator in me.
For a short time we are at present living in an Officer Club which is transformed from a beautiful old mansion belonging to a German spy and Duchess wife -- One day they were just missing (last war). The place is magnificent, all designed and carved elaborately but tastefully in oak in German Gothic style, complete with a ballroom (in which there are two huge grand pianos!!!!!!!!!! and nobody is ever there.!!!! (wish I could really play)
Everything is cheap for us and we are very comfy and pleased. All is tidied up in London and is ticking like a well oiled clock. They are marvellous (The English). They are so resourceful. I have much to tell and don't know how I can keep up with it as each day is filled with countless new visions and experience. The suffering they have had here does not show except in scars of buildings here and there. So -- no more room.
So Long, Eric.