Waging War

We have attempted to make this segment of our website as wide-ranging and comprehensive as possible. Our chosen themes range from the Home Front to a widely varied presentation of the Soldier's Life, both in the trenches and away from the battlefield. Nor have we ignored the unfortunate Civilians Caught up in War or the role of women, the focus of our Women and War theme. The new technologies of warfare receive attention in themes concerned with Mapping and Photography and in Strategy, Sabotage and Spying. There are also two themes with a particular geographical focus: the always volatile area of the Middle East during the First World War and the less volatile but important City of Hamilton, the city where this project has been developed. While war in all its wasteful atrocity is fully represented in the Soldier's Life -- in Life at the Front, for example, you will be able to hear audio of the exchange of letters between a doomed youth and his sweetheart -- we have not ignored the creative side of military conflict: themes on the Soldier Artist and Poet and on Representing War convey some sense of the enduring nature of the human spirit.

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