Baynes, Sydney (Arr.), Sheet music, 1914

Sheet music, Tipperaryland.
Sheet music, Tipperaryland.
Sheet music, Tipperaryland.
Sheet music, Tipperaryland.
Title: "Tipperaryland" Time Signature: Starts in 6/8, (also 2/4, 3/4, C) possibly others Key: Starts in Bb (also Eb, G, C, D) possibly others Notations: Allegro moderato
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“Boys from Canada”: The Songs of the First World War
Baynes, Sydney (Arr.)
sheet music
Place: London
B. Feldman & Co.
McMaster University Libraries
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WWI, 77

a) It’s a Long way to Tipperary, It’s a long way to go; It’s a long way to Tipperary, To the sweetest girl I know! Good-bye Picadilly, Farewell Leicester Square, It’s a long, long way to Tipperary, But my heart’s right there.
b) Sing a song about the dear old Home Sing a song of Auld Lang Syne; Sing a song about the girl you love, Or of eyes that brightly shine; Sing a song about the Mississippi, Or the darkies shuffling along, But don’t forget it takes an Irish heart to sing an Irish song.
c) Come on Tommy Come on Jack, We’ll guard the Home till you come back, Come on Sandy, Come on Pat, For you’re true blue! Down your tools and leave your benches, Say ‘Goodbye’ to all the wenches, Take your gun and ‘May God speed you! For Your King and Country need You
d) You gave me a wonderful rose: ‘Tis a rose I shall treasure with care; Altho’ you are far, far away, It will bring you back to me some day, some day. The sweetest of the flowers will die, When it’s …(Wonderful Rose of Love) Pg 5-8 missing
e) Shure we’re Irish and proud of it too! Irish and proud of it too! Oh we don’t’ care if it rains, And we don’t care if it snows, We come for the land Where the shamrock grows Shure we’re; Irish and proud of it, too! And we all like a hullabaloo! We’ve all come over to see the fun, Ev’ry mother’s son of a gun, Irish, and proud of it too!
f) I’ll make you want me, I’ll make you want me, I’ll make you sigh to be near me, Cry to be near me, night and day! I’ll make you miss me and want to kiss me, then you’ll be sorry, kid, you serv’d me as you did. I’ll come and haunt you because I want you; You’ll have some sleepless nights, while I’m away; You don’t believe me do you? But I’ll prove it to you; Yes, I’ll make you want me, some day.
g) Oh I do like a s’nice s’mince s’pie! Oh I do like a s’nice s’mince s’pie! Oh I do like a s’nice s’mince s’pie! Don’t like lamb, ham or jam, And I don’t like roly poly. But when I see a s’nice s’mince s’pie, Then I ask for a helping twice, For I do like a s’nice s’mince s’pie, ‘Cos It’s s’nice, s’nice, s’nice!
h) Farewell Isabelle Isabelle, Don’t let it grieve you, I’ve got to go! Farewell Isabelle! Isabelle, I’ve got to leave you to face the foe, You know very well, Isabelle As the battle I go through, I shall do my best when I’m in it to win it As I won you!
i) “Should auld acquaintance be forgot”, The Scotsmen sang with pride. “Men of Harlech, march to glory” Gallant Welshmen cried. “God save Ireland,” sang a hero, With a real old Irish swing, then ev’ry British son, proudly held a gun And sang “God save the King” (They Sang “God Save the King”)
j) Hello! Hello! Who’s your lady friend? Who’s the little girlie by your side? I’ve seen you with a girl or two – Oh! oh! oh! I am surprised at you; Hello! Hello! Stop your little games, Don’t you think your ways you ought to mend? It isn’t the girl I saw you with at Brighton, Who who who’s your lady friend?