Brittain, Vera, Diary, 3-4 July 1915

Diary of Vera Brittain


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From Youth to Experience: Vera Brittain’s Work for Peace in Two World Wars
Brittain, Vera
3-4 July 1915
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endurance, & it is like being paid a compliment by Fate. But I didn’t want her compliments, I wanted Roland. He ended by saying he will write a proper letter as soon as he can & signs it with “Very much love, dear. R.” himself in pathetically unsteady writing written with his left hand. He also adds a note to the effect that he is no good at writing left-handed. The postcards were from Bailleul & Robecq, so they must have been even further north than I imagined.
I answered this letter afterwards, saying I hoped that at Festubert the spirit of Garrod would be Roland’s good genius & ward away the worst dangers from him. I enclosed the photograph of myself, one in nurses uniform, and also a letter from Daddy, in which he said he was ending Roland a parcel containing biscuits, chocolate, soup tablets, etc. from Manchester.
Nursing was a little tiring this morning as the weather was very hot. This afternoon I took the Home Nursing Examination at the Town Hall. I am so used to exams by now that it did not trouble me at all. I simply had to answer one or two simple questions on paper & bandage a thumb. I think it was alright as I heard the O. telling someone after that he thought there would be no failures. I played a little tennis with the Becketts after ten & after dinner wrote a long letter to Roland. It was quite a strenuous day.
Sunday July 4th
When I arrived at the Hospital I found that Nurse Vaughan, the other nurse attached to my ward, had fallen ill, so I had all[?] breakfasts to get & the three wards to look after all alone. It got done all right – but there wasn’t much doubt about being wanted! I am to go in the evening as well as morning this week in consequence. I met Miss Hyland & asked if I should & after sermonizing a little lest I should get too tired, she said I was to come, but not to-day. I am to begin to-morrow as afternoon work was not necessary for to-day. When I came back ....