Brittain, Vera, Diary, 3 August 1914

Diary of Vera Brittain


Case Study: 
From Youth to Experience: Vera Brittain’s Work for Peace in Two World Wars
Brittain, Vera
3 August 1914
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Vera Brittain estate; McMaster University has a non-exclusive licence to publish this document.


left camp except a few, among whom was Leighton, who stayed to complete the final arrangements. E. was unable to send us a wire concerning his movements but says it is practically impossible to send a telegram south from London and that all the southern railways are disorganized on account of troops hastening to join their regiments. There was very little confusion anywhere but he saw several contingents of troops at Waterloo Station -- I was glad to see him home though if matters become extreme it is not impossible that he, being a member of the O.T.C., & over eighteen may be called up for home defence. Mrs. King the cook was somewhat upset this morning because she has one son who has been called away to join his ship in the navy, & two others among the military reservists who have also been required. Mother met Mrs. Whitehead in the town this morning; she is in great anxiety because she has one son in Russia, one -- Jack -- in Servia, and another on his way from India. Also now everything has gone up in price, & her relations will not be able to get to England, it is quite possible Daisy may have to put off her wedding, as they were arranging to marry on very little. Marjorie Briggs who was to have been married on Saturday was instead married in a hurry on Friday as her husband had to have joined his regiment on Saturday. I also heard at the tennis club this afternoon that Donald Duncan's regiment is the first to be ordered abroad, & also that Percy Spafford's detachment of the Army Service Corps is attached to one of the regiments that will go out earliest. On Thursday Miss Bervon left England to join Miss Heath Jones in Switzerland, goodness knows why for it was the maddest thing to do. No one knows where she is now or when it will be possible for them to get back. The papers are full of stories of passengers & tourists in hopeless