Dennis, Walter, Ship's Log, 6-9 May 1915

HMS Vengeance log


Case Study: 
British Forces in the Middle East
Dennis, Walter
Ship's Log
6-9 May 1915
Place: Gaba Tepe
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returned on board at 3.30 pm, having plenty of curios from ashore & consisting mainly of Turkish rifles, German ammunition etc etc. At 6 o/c pm a signal was received from C in C ordering “Vengeance” to leave the flag of Rear Admiral III in “Swiftsure”, and join flag of Rear Admiral II in “Queen” our place in the Dardanelles being taken by “Canopus”.
May 6th cont – Signal received from RA III “Swiftsure” to “Vengeance”
“I am sorry you are leaving my flag. The “Vengeance” has done excellent service under very trying conditions”
Reply to RA III “Swiftsure” from “Vengeance”
“May I thank you for your signal. We are very sorry it should be thought necessary to take us away from your flag”
May 7th – Distance from Helles Point to Gaba Tepe 11 miles
Distance steamed since leaving Sheerness 18,156 miles
Coal received to-day 410 tons
Coal received since mobilizing 18,628 tons
At 4.30 am we weighed and, leaving the Dardanelles, proceeded to the West of Gallipoli Peninsula and anchored again at Gaba Tepe at 7.30. Shortly after we arrived the “Canopus” weighed & proceeded to the Dardanelles. At 1 o/c pm we shifted berths further seawards, to coal, & at 1.30 pm the SS “Pikepool” secured alongside & coaling commenced. Coaling finished at 5 o/c pm when we again shifted berths and at 7 o/c pm the supply ship “Baron Ardrossan” secured alongside with stores & ammunition. Some excitement was caused about now by the appearance of a Taube. Two bombs were dropped, but, as is usually the case, they missed, falling in the water about 100 yards off our beam.
May 8th – At 4.30 am we again weighed and proceeded back to Gaba Tepe. The remainder of the day passed fairly quietly. Our searchlights were kept burning all night, trained on the beach a little in rear of the military base occupied by Colonial Troops.
May 9th – At Gaba Tepe. The usual Sunday’s routine was observed today, ie Church service during the forenoon, quiet afternoon. This being