Hughes, J., Letter, 13 October 1918

Letter to Marion Simpson


Case Study: 
Socks for the Boys: Marion Simpson and the Knitters of the First World War
Hughes, J.
13 October 1918
Place: France
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I am hoping though my trips to France are over. I have certainly got all I want as regards fighting and I trust the day is not far distant when I shall set my foot on Canadian soil once more. You will require to have special music for that day. You say have no near relations as soldiers on this side of the Water. I always thought every Canadian girl had a boy over here. I am enclosing a photo I had taken while in hospital [?] in August last, of course I hope you will excuse me for taking that privilege, but for myself I always like to know what the person looks like who I am corresponding with, don't you? As to my age I shall let you guess that, I know Canadian girls are very good at that art. Now Miss Simpson, I must really compliment you on your penmanship, it is really lovely and how did you even acquire such a nice hand, some confession to this all right. Now I must close again, I do hope you will soon write me again. You ask me what I am most interested in, well of course yourself, so if you will tell me just a little as to who and what you are, I really shall be delighted, and if you have a spare photo around, would you please send it along. Again thank you for writing and I trust it will not be the last. I was feeling a bit lonesome over here, but now since getting this letter from you I am a different boy.
Kindest Regards,
Joe Hughes