Miller, Edward W., Sheet music, 1914

Sheet music, The Call of the Motherland.
Sheet music, The Call of the Motherland.
Sheet music, The Call of the Motherland.
Title: "The Call of the Motherland" Time Signature: 4/4 Key: Ab Notations: Tempo marziale
Case Study: 
“Boys from Canada”: The Songs of the First World War
Miller, Edward W.
sheet music
Place: Toronto
The Anglo-Canadian Music Publishers’ Association
Copyright, public domain: McMaster University owns the rights to the archival copy of the digital image in TIFF format.

WWI, 9

Verse 1: There’s a humming on the cable, there’s a whisper in the air, There’s message stirring each Canadian heart, Once more old England’s calling as she bids her sons prepare, To save the world and play a Briton’s part; But Canada no longer stands and watches from afar, The hearts of all her sons are beating high; They speed across the water and beneath the British star, Will show the nations how to fight and die;
Chorus: When war’s alarms, and the call to arms, Comes across from the Motherland, At the call, as one, each Canadian son, Is ready to take his stand, From East and West, we will give out best, And the pray’rs of out people bring; And side by side with the Empire’s pride, We will fight for our Flag and King.”
Verse 2: From the blue Pacific waters to the fair Atlantic coast, From the mountains and the prairies of the west, All Canada is stirring in a vast and mighty host, Prepar’d to offer England of her best; When tho’ the seas divide us. Britain’s duty is our own, And side by side with Britain we will go; ‘Till vict’ry rests upon her flag, she shall not fight alone, The Empire stands united ‘gainst her foe: