Miller, Edward W., Sheet music, 1915

Sheet music, Canada, Fall in!
Sheet music, Canada, Fall in!
Sheet music, Canada, Fall in!
Title: "Canada, Fall In!" Time Signature: C, 2/4 Key: Eb Notations: Tempo marziale
Case Study: 
“Boys from Canada”: The Songs of the First World War
Miller, Edward W.
sheet music
Place: Toronto
The Anglo-Canadian Music Publishers’ Association
Copyright, public domain: McMaster University owns the rights to the archival copy of the digital image in TIFF format.

WWI, 10

Verse 1: It isn’t enough to read the daily papers, It isn’t enough to talk about the war, It isn’t enough to say that Britain’s going to win the day, Or spout a bout the cause we’re fighting for It’s something more than talk today that’s needed, It’s something more that cheering for the flag; Above the battle’s din, Old England cries “Fall In!” And Canada must never, never lag; And rising clear and high, Comes Canada’s reply
Chorus: We’ve laid down the hammer and picked up the gun, Put down the saw for the sword, Britons world over are fighting the Hun, See where their blood is outpoured; Close up the ledger and put down the pen, Hark to the trumpet call! Britain is fighting for freedom men, and Britain needs us all.
Verse 2: The friend who used to beat you playing tennis, The pal who pitch’d to victory your “nine”, They both were glad to go and do their “bit” against the foe, they’re both together on the firing line And now the need for men is growing sterner, And why should you be absent from their side; They’ve gone to bear the brunt, Of fighting at the front, And Canada is watching them with pride; And sounding far and near, Their shout comes ringing clear