Ostler, Arthur, Sheet music, 1915

Title: "She’s a Dear Old Lady" Time Signature: 4/4 Key: C Notations: March time
Case Study: 
“Boys from Canada”: The Songs of the First World War
Ostler, Arthur
sheet music
Place: Hamilton, Ont.
Thomas Anderson Music Publisher
McMaster University Libraries
Copyright, public domain: McMaster University owns the rights to the archival copy of the digital image in TIFF format.

WWI, 41

Verse 1:We have often had the notion Lying cradled in the ocean Old Great Britain was asleep and in decline But while we thought she dozed And was slightly indisposed To lie there all the time she’s not inclined She is very hard to waken And she takes a deal o’ shakin’ and her case, her foreign neighbors can’t define. But when there’s trouble brewing Why she’s always up and doing And she’s always up for breakfast in the morning.
Chorus: She’s a dear old lady Is this mother o’ mine With her queer slow step, For she always takes her time. She’s as old as can be And she loves her cup o’ tea But she’s always up for breakfast in the morning.
Verse 2: She has many sons and daughters Scattered far across the waters And they love her. Every one, for its her due. It cheers her dear old heart When they say they’ll take her part When the outlook seems to be a little blue. They are sometimes rough and ready But they make her feel more steady When they take her arm and help her on her way You bet, she’ll not forget For she has her memory yet She may ask them in for breakfast in the morning.
Verse 3: When the Germans got in motion stirring up this great commotion Old Great Britain thought ‘twas time that she should rise. She told them cutting capers Such as tearing “scraps of paper” Was a thing she always did and will despise. So she sent her soldiers over And her ships, they sailed from Dover, Just to show the Huns she meant just what she said. And when the war is done And they’re cutting up the bun she will sure be up for breakfast in the morning.