Rubens, Paul A., Sheet music, 1914

Sheet music, Your King and Country Want You.
Sheet music, Your King and Country Want You.
Sheet music, Your King and Country Want You.
Title: "Your King & Country Want You" Time Signature: C Key: D Notations: Tempo di Marcia, rather slowly and quite simply, Chorus: slow march time
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“Boys from Canada”: The Songs of the First World War
Rubens, Paul A.
sheet music
Place: London (also New York, Toronto, Melbourne)
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WWI, 78-80
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Verse 1: We’ve watched you playing cricket And ev’ry kind of game At football, golf and polo, You men have made your name, But now your country calls you To play your part in war, And no matter what befalls you, We shall love you all the more, So, come and join the forces As you fathers did before
Chorus: Oh we don’t want to lose you but we think you ought to go For your King and Country both need you so; We shall want you and miss you but with all our might and main We shall cheer you, thank you, kiss (or “bless” if men singing) you When you come back again.
Verse 2: We want you from all quarters So, help us, South and North We want you in your thousands, From Falmouth to the Forth, You’ll never find us fail you When you are in distress, So, answer when we hail you, And let your word be “Yes” And so your name, in years to come Each mother’s son shall bless.
Verse 3: It’s easy for us women (or “people” if men singing) To stay at home and shout, But remember, there’s a duty To the men who first went out. The odds against that handful Were nearly four to one, And we cannot rest until It’s man for man, and gun for gun! And ev’ry woman’s (of “body’s” if men singing) duty Is to see that duty done!