Dennis, Walter, Ship's Log, 25 May-3 June 1914

Ship's log, Walter Dennis dated May 25 - June 3, 1915.
HMS Vengeance log


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British Forces in the Middle East
Dennis, Walter
Ship's Log
25 May-3 June 1914
Place: Mudros
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May 25th cont - towards the “Triumph” to assist in the rescue work. During the afternoon all ships remained under weigh, the Destroyers & trawlers meanwhile conveying the survivors to Imbros, Mudros, etc. Towards nightfall we were ordered to proceed back to Mudros. On our way there the SNO & transport officer transferred to the Destroyer “Wolverine” to return to Gaba Tepe. We arrived at Mudros at 7.30 pm and received congratulatory messages from the Vice Admiral, “Swiftsure”, and other ships on our escape this afternoon.
May 25th cont – Information received that, out of the complement of 780 hands carried by the “Triumph” only 3 officers & 53 men were lost.
[May 26th] At Mudros. The “Venerable” and “Exmouth” arrived here to-day en route to join the flag of the V.A.E.M.S.
[May 27th ] At Mudros. This forenoon a message was received stating the “Majestic” had been torpedoed, off Gallipoli, & sunk. The Chatham arrived at 10.30 am en route to join flag of Vice Admiral J. M. de Roebeck.
[May 28th] At Mudros. To-day was passed rather quietly and at 7.30 pm the SS “Daventry” secured alongside in readiness for coaling to-morrow.
[May 29th – Coal received to-day 460 tons.]
Coal received since mobilizing 20,118 tons.
[May 29th] At Mudros. At daybreak the S.S. “Mauritania” arrived, with about 5000 troops. At 5.15 am we commenced coaling, finished by 8 o/c am. In the afternoon Submarine E14 sailed again for the Sea of Marmora with the good wishes of everyone for a successful cruise.
May 30th – During the stay of the ship at Mudros The Allied troops are conveyed, from the transports to the Dardanelles, in small craft of high speed usually leaving in the evening and always being warmly cheered by the crews of the assembled warships.
June 2nd – At Mudros. At 7 o/c pm the SS “Daventry” secured alongside in readiness for coaling to-morrow.
June 3rd – At Mudros. At 5.15 am coaling commenced and was finished by 7.30 am.