Letter from Barrie [bpNichol] to Nelson Ball, 11 July 1966




July 11, 1966
Dear Nelson;
just so you won't think i'm sitting here in TO nursing big wounds. Sorry not to answer sooner but I've been very hung-up catching up with all my correspondence which is about 4 months behind. Caught up now tho & riding the crest out.
We'll be changing the cover design coz removing the one band changes what I had in mind but I'll send the new one to you for your approval. Actually now that I think of it probably a groovier idea would be to get your wife to design the cover (front & back) & the title page & back page (if any needed) coz she's in touch, much more than I, with you & where you're going. How does that hit you? Could we do an exchange on booklets? like i'll send you the singing hand series as they appear & you send me Hawkins, Reyes, etc?
I'm including SCRAPTURES: third sequence with this letter.
STRANGE GREY TOWN will follow.
Ask your wife & see how she feels about the suggestion re FORCE/MOVEMENTS.
My love
p.s. Would you be interested in doing PHASE 2 of LEBANON VOICES by Bill Bissett in WEED? Vic's doing 1 in Island (I believe) & Dave & I are doing three. I could send you the manuscript if you want to see it.