Letter from E.J. Pratt to Lorne Pierce, 15 July




July 15.
My dear Lorne,
I am sending you this poem with my deepest affection. You are responsible for the 2nd and 3rd Stanzas on page 4. I have never written anything which came so naturally from my heart.
Last night a whole crew of people came up to my house to hear it read. -- Hector Charlesworth, Edgar, Eayrs, Jack [?] & others--and it was their common judgment that the Ode was the best thing I had done, by a long chalk. I only wish you could have come up, but your secretary said you were out of town. Eayrs is going to publish it immediately in book form and get the English Macmillan to publish it over there. I told Eayrs it had your backing and he values your judgment immensely. I will make it the chief item on the western tour. I have to thank you also for your work with Spry. He has sent me the itinerary for confirmation. When you return will you let me hear from you by letter. Address Victoria College which will forward it wherever I am. You simply must make Bobcaygeon in August for a few days. Plan for it ahead and let me know when you are free.