Letter from E.J. Pratt to Lorne Pierce, 16 January 1923




Victoria College
Jan. 16, 23
Dear Dr. Pierce,
Mr. Varley tells me that he will finish those designs absolutely by the end of this week. I think he is counting upon having an interview with you tomorrow or next day. I intimated with him that I would prefer a design having the quality or spaciousness befitting ocean themes than those too closely-woven patterns with their intricacy of detail that MacDonald works on though, of course, with our own peculiar [finish?]. Varley agreed with the suggestion.
Will you let me know what negotiations you make with outside firms? I should like an English impramatur on the volume as understood in our first interview.
In any publicity given the book will you kindly see to it that such an ugly, stiff term as 'Professor' is absolutely excluded: first, because the title is at present technically incorrect and, secondly, the term is sufficient to stultify any poetic claims which a writer may, in all modesty, put forth. Just plain E. J. Pratt, or Mr. Pratt if the formality demands it.
Finally a suggestion from a friend. Look after your health and get some sleep.
We don't want 'Ryerson Press' to return to 'Wm. Briggs' because of the early 'demise' of the new literary manager.
More power by our elbow.
E. J. Pratt