Letter from E.J. Pratt to Lorne Pierce, 24 September 1924




Victoria College
Toronto, Canada
Sept 24, 1924
Dear old thing,
Here I am back again in the Queen City of Diabolus. Would like to have a psychic interview with your [?] self. I suppose by this time you have heard from Selwyn & Blount to the effect that they will act as the English Representatives of Newfoundland Verse. They are asking for Review copies for England, twenty I think, and intend pushing the volume. They suggested that their imprint be placed upon the opening page, as the London firm. I submitted also the Witches Brew which they accepted instantly. They will publish one thousand copies, cloth cover with illustration. Professor [Jordan?] of Oxford wrote enthusiastically about it and sent a copy of it to the [?] of the Mercury. [?]. In any case it took well wherever it was presented, both in London, Oxford […]