Letter from Harold Macmillan (Macmillan) to Hugh Eayrs (Macmillan Company of Canada), 15 July 1938, re Eayrs's salary (copy)




Copy of Mr. Harold Macmillan's Ltr of Feby 15th 1938 to Mr. Eayrs.
Dear Eayrs
I quite intended when we were in the Country together to suggest to you that the time had come when the salary the Canadian Company pays you should be adjusted, but the matter slipped my mind.
This ought now to go, in my opinion, to $1000 (one thousand dollars) monthly and I about suppose you will demur! My brother and I are in agreement upon the matter so that you can take it as settled and in effect at once. In view of this letter there is no reason for [?] it.
I should like to add how sensible my brother and I are of all you have done and continue to do in making the Canadian house the grand enterprise it is. I had abundant evidence of it when I was with you last Spring.
My warm remembrances to you and to Mrs. Eayrs[.]
Always Sincerely Yours
Signed Harold Macmillan