Letter from J.G. (Jack) McClelland to John McClelland, 10 March 1944

Armed Forces Air Letter Cover from Jack McClelland to John McClelland
Letter from Jack McClelland to his dad, John McClelland



Lieut J.G. McClelland RCNVR
John McClelland Esq.
322 Russell Hill Rd.
Hello Dad
Missed your birthday again. Be there next time maybe. Hope you
received my cable.
Well it looks like those predictions about the war ending were a bit
optimistic. Should be over soon. Are you coming over? Was through a
few of the raids in London and they are not too pleasant. (Am trying
to develop the British habit of understatement.) Quite exciting
though! Bring your tin hat when you come anyway.
Haven't seen any of your friends over here yet and it doesn't seem as
if I shall have an opportunity for some days. We have our boat now
and are quite busy. You will remember how it is at the start from the
experience last time and if the mail bag is not as full as it might
be I hope mother will understand. I shall endeavour to write fairly
often anyway.
Am still finding this country quite pleasant but would hardly wish to
remain here after the war. I am very anxious to get home and settle
down again (you will laugh no doubt when I say 'settle down" again.
Anyway I still have ambitions.
Wish you could see our boat. Can't tell you anything, of course,
about it but I might say its a far cry from the last one. I am a
First Lieut. again but the step back was definitely warranted by the
magnitude of the job. There is a great deal of work to this business
but it is very absorbing and there is much to learn. If you ever run
into Bill Moore again he might tell you something about these boats.
I do wish Bill were here with me. He would enjoy it and I should feel
considerably braver or more confident with him along. My present C.O.
is a fine chap - a former flotilla (M.L.) leader in Canada also.
From Vancouver. Must close. All my love to you, Mother & Mary