Letter from W.H. Clarke to Mrs. Clarke, R.W.W. Robertson, 9 March 1951




Canadian Pacific Hotels
Hotel Saskatchewan
Regina, Sask.
Mrs C
It has just occurred to me that we cannot use Dilworth's introduction in Klee Wyck without permission of O.U.P. I am inclined to ask him to write another if you agree. At the same time we should send him a set of revised pages. I think we might afford a frontispiece in each volume. Since Emily did The Laughing Bear specially for Klee Wyck (and it was never used) I think we should use it this time. Please ask Wadland for a quick quotation on four colour plates. I'd be glad to have suggestions for plates for "The Book of Small" and "A Little Girl and a little Town". We shall need to obtain permission from the Trust to use any we choose.