[Scrapbook of printer's proofs produced by the Bulletin job printing office, Collingwood, Ontario], 1886 - 1905

Stationery from the "Office of W. H. Scott, Butcher"
"The Northern Navigation Co. of Ontrario" blank meal reciept
"The Northern Navigation Co. of Ontrario" blank meal report
Blank memorandum of agreement for J & C Noble
Scrapbook pages
'Tefler Bros' private post card
Pamphlet for the "Ayres School of Vocal Art"
Pamphlet about Harry K, a racing horse
Raffle ticket for "a good ball bearing bicycle", 1887
Illustration of a baby with caption "Link Smith, General Butcher, Collingwood Market"
Union Sunday School Library's "Catalogue of Books"
Union Sunday School Library's book catalogue
Bank of Toronto blank cheques for Collingwood
Blank inivitation for the B. H. S. Assembly
"Compliments of Grand Central Hotel", 1896
New Year's menu, 1896
Blank cheques
Blank approval checks
Collection of Collingwood obituaries, 1887
Tags from various Ontario businesses