Letter from Arthur E. Callyton to Pauline Johnson, 24 June 1912




Horseshoe Bay Hotel
Chemainus, B.C.
June 24, 1912
Dear Miss Johnson,
Mr. McRaye has just written us and sent one of your books -- lovely little books indeed, I only wish they had been a little more substantially bound and above all contained your photograph!
We are all well and very busy. I have not had time to read all the legends but enjoyed the first two last night.
Enclose my cheque for nine more Legends of Vancouver which you can express to me and I will sell them for you -- you'll autograph them won't you?
Every body - "Curley", the Gallants and all of us send our best wishes and love, and in haste I close this letter to catch the mail.
Arthur E. Callyton
P.S. The little bill is for Exchange upon [cheque].