Letter from Basil Johnston to Anna Porter (McClelland & Stewart), [1976], re manuscript

Letter from Basil Johnston to Anna Porter, [1976]



Mrs. Anna Porter,
I submit this manuscript of stories of humourous incidents that have occurred among the Ojibway peoples for your assessment.
1. To my knowledge no attempt has been made to date to record and recount Indian humour.
2. All stories are based on actual incidents.
3. In some instances the names and places have been changed to avoid causing embarrassment.
4. The stories have not been arranged in any particular order.
5. Perhaps the stories are not exclusively Indian, hopefully they have a more universal appeal.
6. The stories submitted represent only a small portion of a large fund of stories that have amused the Ojibway people.
If the draft of the manuscript is not as clean in type as it ought to be, it is because I no longer have a secretary. A young lady has voluntarily done the typing. In any event, the content and themes are the important matters.
My thanks to you for agreeing to read the manuscript.
Yours truly,
Basil H Johnston