Letter from Ethel Brant Monture to [R.W.W.] Robertson (Clarke, Irwin), 29 December 1958, re manuscript revision




Brantford, Ont.
Dec. 29. 1958
Dear Mr. Robertson —
A hurried note to say that I have planned to call you while here but decided it might be better if you would call me as you may not be prepared to outline what must be done to that manuscript.
However I should tell you [verso] that I have left January free for such work. I have speaking dates for most of Feb. in Ontario and in Manitoba and Sask.
Have not decided to be here over the New Year but if you have plans about the rewriting it would be wonderful if I could know soon.
If you wish to call me here the number is Plaza 2-4424 and if you did call any time Tues. morning, or after six on Mon. 29. I would be on the lookout.
I did regret missing the opening of Clarwin House.
Every good wish always.
Ethel Brant Monture.