Letter from June Stifle to David Berry [McClelland & Stewart], 30 November 1972, re Halfbreed Woman

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Onaway, Alta
Nov. 30/72
Dear David Barry,
Hello. Thank you for the "wonderful". Diane deserves all the credit she was just great, as well as (ruthless as hell).
Yes I have a copy of the manuscript ahem (book) and I'm ready to go to work on the questions.
Tell the contract dept. I haven't rec. a cheque yet and with xmas & my creditors around the corner I'd sure appreciate it.
I'm not very excited at the idea of having my face on the jacket design as I've already told Diane. When Jack was here this fall he gave me his reasons as to why he felt so much of the Vancouver scene had to be scrapped. He suggested "write another book and call it the Halfbreed or Unhappy Hooker.["] Please tell him for me that perhaps we should save this jacket design for that book should it ever be written. Seriously tho I suggested to Diane about an about an old lady face in the background with high rises, log cabins and people. Sort of like yesterday and today.
Talk to Jack again the picture is so madamish, and I'm really not all that sterile and cold.
Give Diane my love and I'll be waiting to hear from you.
June Stifle.