Letter from Mazo de la Roche to her children, 29 April, [193?]




Park Plaza
29 April
My darlings,
No little letter from either of you yet! I do hope you are well and happy. And Mademoiselle too. And the dear doggies.
We were at a lovely party at Uncle Hugh's last night and did not get back to the Hotel till after two.
To-day is Michael's birthday. He is seven. He is getting a tricycle. Auntie Cara gave him a weighing scale and I gave him a china figure of a prancing colt held by a child. He is a dear little boy and Jim is very nice. He is quite tall and gets into fights at Upper Canada College where he is a day boy.
I am sending you each a book for a prize for working well at your lessons. Mlle told me in her letter that you had. We shall see about the prizes for nice behaviour and gentleness when I come home. I shall hope for glowing accounts.
And naughty of Moulin and Duff to worry the poor cat! And Augustus to march down the drive to seek adventure! I am afraid that dear Mademoiselle has her hands full with all of you.
Everyone here is asking about you two children and wishing to see you. Perhaps I shall hear from you to-day.
With much love
E [with x x x x beneath] R [with x x x x beneath]