Letter from Stephen Leacock to [Frank] Dodd (Dodd, Mead and Company), 2 April 1935, re rights and royalties




Ap 2 35
Dear Dodd
Yours March 29 - Everything O.K. I wrote McLelland [sic] Stewart about buying an edition from you (the Canadian rights are mine) and paying in a direct royalty same as U. States with a retail price same as U.S. Many books are killed here by the attempt to advance the U.S. price. McLelland [sic] writes that he prefers to sell the book as yours & let me receive all royalties from you on one & the same basis.
I am so glad that your house [has] so much interest in this book. I have lately had a vast lot of publicity with offers for lectures in a [shower?] (I only accept a few) and it all helps [to] circulate books.
V. sincerely
Stephen Leacock