Life at the Front

The three case studies presented here all concern the lives -- and in one case, the death -- of men at the front during the First World War. In Violets from the Trenches you will be able to hear as well as read the exchange of letters between Roland Leighton, a young British officer, and his sweetheart Vera Brittain. Gerald Blake participated in the legendary Christmas Truce of 1914 and Canadian William Fingland's work with the YMCA took him into the heart of the battle. In addition to these examples, more studies of men in military service can be found in the theme The Hamilton Connection – soldier David Elliot and airman Gerry Bell were both from Hamilton, Ontario. Also, the theme The Soldier Artist and Poet includes studies of four more soldiers who served at the Front. We have included an animated re-creation of a trench raid here.


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